Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
    3D Animations with POV-Ray
        Some basics and examples on animations.
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  3D Animation Tutorial
   Index of Content
  0. Basic Knowledge
     1. Basic Example
     2. Example 2
     3. Images to Animated Gif
     4. From Images to Video
     5. Basic Terms
     6. Animation Commands  
  I. Cyclic Animations
     1. Rotating Objects
     1.2. Planets in Orbit
     1.3. Clock Animation
     2. Rotating Camera
     2.1. Straight Moving Camera
     3. Western Wheel
     3.1. Rolling Wheels
     4. Gears
     4.1. Roller Chain
     4.2. Bike Chain
  > 5. Swinging Pendulum
     5.1. Newton's Cradle
     5.2: Rock the Rocker
     6. Spiral Pendulum
     7. Coupling Rods
     7.1. Connecting Rods
     8. Psychedelic + Op-Art
     9. Counters + Countdowns
    10. Folding of a Cube
  II. Non-linear Movements
     1.0 Speed Up/Slow Down 1
     1.1 Speed Up/Slow Down 2
     2. Fall + Bounce
     3. Acceleration by
          physical Formulas
     4. Speed Controll by
          Spline Functions
  III. Animation Paths
      with Spline Curves
     1. Spline Curves
     2. Closed Splines
     3. Animation Paths

Swinging Pendulum

About oscillations in sine rythm.

Swinging Pendulum:
For a cyclic animation we need only to calculate the images of one single oscillation!
The maximal angle of deflection multiplied by sin(clock*2*pi) leads to the actual angle of deflection at the time "clock" (Note: The sine function in POV-Ray needs the angle in radians values (2*pi = 360 degrees)!):
#declare Amplitude = 40;

object {
  rotate <0,0,Amplitude*sin( clock*2*pi)>
} //---------------------------- end 

scene description for POV-Ray:
"pendula1.ini" and

Swinging Door
Another example for swinging in sine rythm:


© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2010