POV-Ray - Descriptions, Tutorials and Examples for the POV-Ray raytracing program for beginners and advanced users
Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmueller
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 0.   DOWNLOAD and How We Start. Some of my descriptions (zipped up HTML), include files, 'Insert Menu Add-on', formerly used in Computer Graphics Workshop and Computer Graphics Project at my school.
 1.    Basic POV-Ray Tutorial.  Last update: 02-Aug-2014
The Scene Description Language of the ray-tracer POV-Ray 3.7/3.6.2.
An introduction for beginners - fast overview on POV-Ray.
 2.   Insert Menu Add-on for POV-Ray 3.6.2 / 3.7 Update: 30-Aug-2016
Also HTML for all operating systems.   An add-on for an easier start for beginners and for a more comfortable use by advanced users. Ready-made basic scenes and textured shapes, shapes from 'shapes3.inc' (former 'shapes_lo.inc'),etc.
 3. Geometric Objects in POV-Ray Update: 30-Aug-2016
Fundamentals and Examples: sphere, cylinder, cone, torus, box, prism, sor, plane, text object, Bevelled_Text, Circle_Text, Circle_Text_Valign, unicode, height_field, HF-macros, paraboloid, hyperboloid, polygon, cubic, quartic, parametric, isosurface, smooth_triangle, mesh2, 'shapes3.inc' etc..
 4.   Geometric Transformations Update: 02-Aug-2014
Fundamentals about "translate", "rotate", "scale", "matrix" and "transform".
 5.   CSG - Constructive Solid Geometry
- Boolean Algebra with Solids
Update: 05-July-2012
How CSG works? The use of 'union', 'merge', 'difference', 'intersection', 'inverse' and 'clipped_by'.
 6.   Textures and Design of Surfaces Update: 23-March-2013
The use of "texture", "pigment","normal", "finished" "color", mapping with "color_map", "image_map" etc., "warp mapping" and "layered textures".
 7.   Design of the Interior of transparent Shapes with POV-Ray   Last update:   10-Sept-2013
The use of "fog", "material", "transparency", "ior", "caustics", "interior", "media" and "density maps" for transparent objects like glass, fog, smoke, steam, clouds, flames, fire etc. by emission, scattering and absorption media.
 8.   Cameras, Light Sources in POV-Ray New: 09-Aug-2013
About the light sources (e.g. point-light, spotlight, area_light etc.) and the cameras (from perspective, ultra_wide_angle, orthographic to panorama types) in POV-Ray - usage, special tricks like architectural perspective and hide and show objects.
 9.   About Loops with POV-Ray  Last update: 01-May-2014
About the application of while loops and for loops (new with POV-Ray 3.7!) for placing objects in regular structures, a Moebius strip, screws, spirals, shells and ammonites.
10.   Loops, Sine, Cosine and POV-Ray Last update: 29-Oct-2011
About an application for the sine function or the cosine function together with while loops. How to create concentric waves and flying carpets.
11.   Branching with POV-Ray - #if, #switch, #while loops and #for loops. Last update: 29-Oct-2011
About conditional statements for branching and loops with examples.
12.   Short Include File Tutorial for POV-Ray Last update: 07-May-2012
About Include Files - How to make them, where to store and how to integrate in insert menu.
POV-Ray Details - about the program structure - what's where?
13.   Elementary Geometry with POV-Ray   Last update: 25-June-2013
Geometrical basics for ray-tracing. About right-angled triangles, Pythagorean theorem, trigonometric basics, regular polygons, platonic solids, regular tetrahedron, regular octahedron, cube, regular dodecahedron and icosahedron.
14.   Grids and Axes for Systems of Coordinates
and Visualization of Mathematical Functions

Last update: 11-Feb-2011
How to create grids and axes for two- and three-dimensional coordinate systems.
Mathematical functions in POV-Ray.
15.   Analytical Geometry with POV-Ray - 3D Visualizations
with Calculations and Output of the Results

Last update: 16-Jan-2014
How to use POV-Ray for 3D visualization of geometrical subjects in three-dimensional coordinate systems and how to use it for calculations and the output of results in the analytical geometry.
16.   POV-Ray Examples - How To Make Objects in POV-Ray.
Geometry, Architecture, Engineering
Last update: 16-Jan-2014
Some basic and advanced examples on how to make objects and scenes in POV-Ray.
17.   POV-Ray Objects - Ready-made Objects for POV-Ray
Geometry, Architecture, Plants, Engineering

Last update: 30-Aug-2016
Some ready-made objects declared in include files, ready to use in POV-Ray.
18.   Scale Modeling with POV-Ray. New: 14-Feb-2011
How to do scale modeling according to plans on squared backgrounds
an with Multiple Views Rendering with POV-Ray.
19.   Rail Track System for Model Railroading / Railway Modeling with POV-Ray. Update : 19-May-2013
A collection of POV-Ray include files for modeling rail tracks.
20.   Realistic Skies with POV-Ray Last update: 24-Nov-2013
Skies with realistic clouds, multiple layers of clouds and shadow casting clouds. Massive clouds with media and skies with sky-domes and sky-maps by panoramic photos of 360°. HDRI environment mapping.
21.   Realistic Water with POV-Ray Last update: 19-April-2011
Reflecting surfaces of water, simulation of waves and partly transparent water, whirling water, water in a glass and wavy surface of water by an isosurface.
22.   Random with POV-Ray Update: 05-April-2013
Examples for the use of random numbers for creating natural looking irregularity in arrangement, orientation, size and color.
23.   Plants with POV-Ray Update: 08-Nov-2013
Trees made with POV-Tree + TOMTREE-1.5.inc and with Arbaro.
- Examples from my ray-tracing gallery with source code.
Palms, reeds, flowers - natural, random looking distributions.
24.   LEGO ® - CAD and POV-Ray New: 15-Feb-2009
How to render virtual LEGO® models and elements from CAD programs for LEGO ® - like e.g. LDraw - as POV-Ray objects.
25.   A SkyboxViewer for 3D Scenes. Update: 21-Jan-2010
With download of the SkyboxViewer, a freeware OpenGL program, and with a gallery of Skybox examples. How to create a skybox for a panoramic view of 360° with scenes from POV-Ray.
26.   Animations with POV-Ray - Some basics and samples on 3D animation. Last update: 09-July-2016
How to make it: cyclic animations, animations with spline curves for flybys and walkthroughs, with source codes.
27.   Stereo Images and Stereo Animations with POV-Ray New: 30-Jan-2013
- Some basics and samples on 3D stereo images and stereo animations by cross-eye view. How to make stereo images and animations and how to combining pairs of stereo images - with source codes.

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