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Aerospaceweb.org traces its roots to 1997 when the core of what has since become The Aircraft Museum was first created. As this collection of information grew and was joined by new articles on aerospace design, a group of engineers from the aviation and space industries came together in 2000 to form Aerospaceweb.org. Since that time, the site has continued to improve while encompassing a wide variety of subjects related to the aerospace field. We plan to continue that development process in the future by enhancing existing sections and adding new features covering missiles and rockets, aircraft and spacecraft design, helicopters, and aviation history.

Aerospaceweb.org is a non-profit site, and information on this site may be used for non-commercial purposes only. For more information, please review the copyright and frequently asked questions. Contact us if you need further assistance.

Site Contributors:

Our staff currently consists of nine engineers and scientists working in the aerospace field. Read more about each of our contributors and what we do in our biographies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you offer jobs?
    All of the people who work on this site are volunteers, and we do not offer any full-time positions. However, we do often seek out additional volunteers to work on various features of Aerospaceweb.org, particularly the Ask a Rocket Scientist section.
  2. Can I have or purchase a picture on your site?
    All of the images on Aerospaceweb.org are believed to be public domain and may be downloaded for personal use. We do prohibit the use of photos for any commercial purpose since many of the images have been made available to us by the original copyright holders, and only they can grant such permission. If you do wish to use a photo in a for-profit venture, please contact us so that we may refer you to the proper source.
  3. Can I purchase a hardcopy, print, or poster of a picture on your site?
    We do not manufacture or sell prints or posters. Many of the images on our site are official US military or NASA photos that can be purchased from the respective organizations. Another suggestion is to search for the type of aircraft you want on a popular search engine. Examples include "Boeing 747 print" or "F-15 poster."
  4. Can you send me books, magazines, or other publications on topic X?
    We do not publish any print documents ourselves. All the material we have to offer is what is available on this site.
  5. Why does your site have advertisements?
    In order to generate revenue to pay the costs of operating the site, we subscribe to Google Ads. The advertisements generated by this system are tailored to the content of the site and are generally very applicable to the interests of our visitors. Commissions generated by these ads help make this site possible, and any excess profits are donated to charity.
  6. What charities do you donate to?
    When our annual income exceeds the operational costs of our site, we donate the excess to at least one charitable organization or cause. The specific group that we donate to is usually selected through a majority vote of the site staff members. We may also take a poll of our visitors to obtain their input. The organizations we have donated to in the past are listed below.

    Year Donation
    2003 American Cancer Society
    2004 American Red Cross for tsunami relief efforts
    2005 American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina relief

    American Red Cross for Pakistan earthquake relief
    2006 American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics

    American Red Cross

    Salvation Army
    2007 American Red Cross

    Salvation Army
    2008 American Cancer Society
    2009 American Cancer Society
    2010 American Cancer Society
    2011 American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics

    Haiti earthquake relief

    American Cancer Society

    American Red Cross

    Salvation Army
  7. I'm looking for a model of aircraft X? Do you sell these or can you help me find one?
    We do not manufacture or sell plastic, wooden, or paper models of aircraft or other vehicles. A good method to locate models is to search for the type of aircraft and scale you want on a search engine. An example is "1/72 Northrop B-2." This method often brings up models for sale through web-based stores.
  8. I'd like to submit updated information or new pictures to your site. What is your email address?
    To minimize the amount of junk email we receive, we prefer not to post our email addresses. However, we do offer a contact form that visitors may use to send us comments, suggestions, or information to help us improve Aerospaceweb.org. If you'd like to submit photos or other files, please use this form to tell us about what you have to offer, and we will reply with further instructions.
  9. Why don't you add aircraft X to The Aircraft Museum?
    Though we would dearly love to have every aircraft ever built in The Aircraft Museum, there simply isn't enough time to make all the additions we'd like to. For the time being, we have emphasized updating the entries that already exist and adding new planes as time allows.
  10. I submitted a question to the Ask a Rocket Scientist section but never received a response. Should I ask again?
    We try our hardest to answer as many questions as possible, but we lack the time, resources, and expertise to get to them all. Submitting the same question repeatedly will not improve your chances of receiving a response but will most likely have the opposite effect. Also, please be sure to use our site search engine to research the subject of your question and determine if it has already been answered. At least 20% of the questions we receive are repeats of topics that we've already addressed.
  11. Can I interview you for a school career project?
    We are so overwhelmed with requests to be interviewed for career projects that we have been forced to turn them down. Instead, we have posted answers to a number of questions in the Ask a Rocket Scientist Career Question Archive.
  12. I tried posting a picture from your site on another site or newsgroup. Why doesn't it work?
    There have been cases when an image on our site was accessed hundreds of thousands of times from a single page or newsgroup causing us to exceed our bandwidth limit and have our site shut down. To prevent this problem, we have been forced to block access to images from certain external domains.
  13. How many people visit your site?
    Our traffic has grown steadily since the site was first created. By late 2010, we routinely averaged around 5,000 visitors, 10,000 page views, and 300,000 hits per day. We have also seen large spikes in traffic whenever a major event occurs in the aerospace world.
  14. I received unsolicited spam email from you. Please remove me from your mailing list.
    Aerospaceweb.org does not send unsolicited commercial email (UCE), also known as "spam" or "junk mail," of any kind. Any such mailings that appear to originate from this site are fraudulent, a fact that can be verified by carefully reviewing the full header information of any suspect emails.

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