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  1. Do the planets and moons in our solar system tend to orbit and rotate in the same plane? If so, what would be the cause of such uniformity? Why do all the planets orbit the Sun in the same direction?

  2. Does the Joint Strike Fighter have an internal gun? What are the weapon loads? It does not seem to have as much internal space as the F-22.

  3. What were the ancient Greek names for the original nine planets?

  4. What are the most significant events in the history of aviation and space flight?

  5. I like your article about the world's biggest plane but wonder about helicopters too. How are they ranked? By weight, length, or rotor size? Is the CH-53 the biggest in the world or something else?

  6. I'm confused by the way the record for largest plane is determined. I've read about the 747-400, An-225, Spruce Goose, and Bristol Brabazon. ... Could you please define the records, if any, that these aircraft hold with EXACT wording to the particular record?

  7. Can you explain why a golf ball has dimples? If dimples reduce drag, why don't we see this surface feature on other aerodynamic shapes like airplane wings?

  8. What are the most numerous/successful aircraft in the following categories and how many of each were made? 1) outright, 2) piston fixed-wing, 3) turbine fixed-wing, 4) commercial airliner, 5) turbine helicopter, 6) piston helicopter?

  9. What is the relationship between the universal gravitational constant (G) and the acceleration due to gravity (g)?

  10. Has anyone ever figured out what happened to Amelia Earhart? I saw part of a TV show once claiming she was captured by the Japanese and the government covered it up. Can you explain why?

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