Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
Grids and Axes for Coordinate systems
and Visualizations of Mathematical Functions
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- POV-Ray Tutorial

>Coordinate Systems
  and 2D Functions

  - Squared Paper
  - Coordinate Systems
      with Axes
  - Macro for Grids
      with 2 Levels
  - 2D Functions
  - Math Functions
      in POV-Ray

(uses javascript to show some sample images in 600x450 pixels)
1. Squared Paper
(Objects: plane. Methods: color_map, layered textures, #macro.)
2. Systems of Coordinates with Axes
(Objects: cone, cylinder, plane. Methods: declare, union, #macro.)
2. Grids with 2 Levels
(Objects: cone, cylinder, plane. Methods: #macro #declare, union.)
3. Visualization of Mathematical Functions
in a 2D System of Coordinates

(Objects: cone, cylinder, sphere. Methods: #declare, union, #macro, #while.)
sin,cos,tan, mod .....
  Mathematical Functions in POV-Ray

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