Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
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- POV-Ray Tutorial

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  - Insert Menu Add-on,
    include files,
    POV-Ray Objects

    - POV-Ray Basic Tutorial
    - Basic Geometric Objects
    - and Other Geometric Objects
    - Geometric Transformations
    - Constructive Solid Geometry
    - Loops with POV-Ray
    - Loops, Sine, Cosine
    - Realistic Skies + Water
    - Random with POV-Ray

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Tutorials, Include Files,
Insert Menu Add-on for POV-Ray

.   How to start with POV-Ray:
The original program of POV-Ray is freeware and can be downloaded (compiled for all kinds of operation systems!) from the hompage of the POV-Ray organisation at - see section "Download".
! Update: 08-Oct-2014
! New: 08-Nov-2013: POV-Ray 3.7.0 released!
       Details see here:
! Update: 16-Nov-2014: POV-Ray 3.7.0 Unofficial for Mac by Ivo Smellenberg.
       Details see here:

For easy starting I have made a bundle of templates for my
Insert Menu Add-on for POV-Ray version 3.6.2/3.7 as an add-on to the original insert menu templates, also as HTML version for every OS.
Update : 30-Aug-2016,
These templates work without fixing any obscure numbers and provide some basic scenes.
This bundle is useful to speed up the fundamental understanding of how POV-Ray scene files work.

Additional sets of templates:
"", "" (former "" is now integrated in POV-Ray 3.7.0 as "").

.   POV-Ray Objects - Ready-made Objects for POV-Ray
Update : 24-Dec-2014
A collection of samples for objects declared in include files, ready to use in POV-Ray. Also with the according Insert Menu Add-on for POV-Ray Objects.
Download and How To Install the 'Insert Menu Add-on'
Download POV-Ray Objects

Download Tutorials
.   The Scenery Description Language of POV-Ray 3.6.2 / 3.7
An introduction for beginners - to get a quick overview on POV-Ray 3.6 (1690 kB). update: 02-Aug-2014 Start: "povtuto0.htm".
.   Geometric Objects in POV-Ray (5808 kB). update: 08-May-2014 Start: "shapes000e.htm".
.   Geometric Transformations (798 kB). update: 02-Aug-2014 Start: "trans_000e.htm".
.   CSG - Constructiv Solid Geometry - Boolean Algebra with Solids (329 kB). update: 05-Aug-2012 Start: "povcsg1e.htm".
.   About Loops with POV-Ray (982 kB). update: 01-May-2014 Start: "povlup0e.htm".
.   Loops, Sine, Cosine and POV (127 kB). update: 05-Aug-2012 Start: "povsi3e1.htm".
.   Realistic Skies and Realistic Water with POV-Ray (5.867 kB). update 24-Nov-2013 Start: "p_sky1.htm", "p_wat1.htm".
.   Random with POV-Ray (775 kB). update: 12-April-2013 Start: "random1e.htm".


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