POV-Ray Raytracer Descriptions and Examples by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
   Plants with POV-Ray
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- POV-Ray Tutorial

Plants with POV-Ray
   - Trees by POV-Tree
     - POV-Tree examples
     - Textures for POV-Trees
   - Trees by Arbaro
     - Arbaro tree examples
     - Textures for Arbaro

   - Other Plant Examples

  - Ready-made Plant Objects
  - Insert Menu Add-on
 Other Plant related Examples with POV-Ray      

Tutorial 'Random with POV-Ray':
Planting of Trees
 Random Flower

Tutorial 'Geometric Shapes in POV-Ray':
 Mesh of triangles
or smooth_triangles
Example Scenes from my Raytracing Gallery 'The Beauty of Random'
The scenery descriptions of this samples can be downloaded as ASCII text files. Before using them in POV-Ray
the file type should be changed from ".txt" to the type ".pov" as used by POV-Ray.
 Small Palm    
 Reeds two/too?
 Searose leafs
 Searose leaves
and reeds
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