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 Trees by POV-Tree and TOMTREE.inc      

POV-Tree is a tree generator written in Java.
Authors: Tom Aust (tree algorithm) and Gena Obukhov (Java programming).
Localized versions available: de, en, fr, it, ja, ru.
Export formats: the trees are exported by POV-Ray include files with POV-Ray mesh or as include files, needed for TOMTREE-1.5.inc with the parameters for a blob tree.
The package includes 12 different examples of trees.
Quality: POV-Tree trees are good background trees, with some additional efforts also more detailed for close-up views, i.e. with HF-leaves and trees with flowers and fruits.
    If your are using POV-Tree with output by export as POV-Ray meshes, be aware:
Mesh files for trees can have sizes of 10 to 20 MB or more - so we need to be patient if we want to load that file in an editor.
Where to get:
The Java program POV-Tree with TOMTREE-1.5.inc by Gena Obukhov.
Very interesting examples can be found on the homepage of Tom Aust (the creator of the original blob tree macro in 'tomtree.zip'):
Don't use the original TOMTREE.inc because the version TOMTREE-1.5.inc is much faster with newer POV-Ray versions.
POV-Tree runs with Java version 1.4.2 or newer.   (For Java see Sun Microsystems.)
Installation and Running:
Download the according file (here: povtree1.5.zip) and unzip it to a directory of your choice.
Windows: Double click on the file 'povtree.jar' for starting the program GUI.
Linux: command line from the unzipped povtree directory: java -jar povtree.jar
POV-Tree start window:
The best way of learning optimal handling of the hundred details of this program is to study the built-in examples. Don't forget, to save any changed tree objects under a new name, so you will not loose the original settings.
Open a example tree:
Click on image in 2nd row, 2nd column, 'Linden' and press the 'preview'-button:

Saving the example tree as a POV-Ray include file "Linden.inc"
for a blob tree via TOMTREE.inc:
Use: 'File' > 'Save as'

'File' > 'Save as'

Using the tree include file in POV-Ray:
Here we have to add something like the following lines to our POV-Ray scene file:
(Change the pathnames according to your pathes!)
#include "povtree/trees/Linden.inc"
#include "povtree/TOMTREE-1.5.inc"
#declare Tree_01 = object{TREE double_illuminate hollow}
object{ Tree_01
        scale 4
        rotate< 0, 0, 0>
        translate< 0, 0.00, 0>
      } //--------------------------------------------
Complete scene description for POV-Ray:
"Linden_01.pov" and "Linden.inc" ( TOMTREE-1.5.inc is part of povtree1.5.zip )

The POV-Ray image of 'Linden_01.pov'

"Linden.inc" - declares a set of parameter for a blob tree by TOMTREE-1.5.inc,
When we first include this set by
#include "Linden.inc"
and then call TOMTREE by
#include "TOMTREE-1.5.inc"
the this file declares an object named "Tree".
This object has a size of about 1 meter (ca. 3 ft),
so scaling it by "scale 4" produces a tree of 4 meter size.

    The original textures are often a bit poor (may be they were good with previous POV-Ray versions), but there are many possibilties to change them to more realistic ones - see among others my page Textures for POV-Trees.


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