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 Trees by Arbaro      

Arbaro is a tree generator written in Java, it's freely distributable.
Authors: Moritz Moeller, Wolfram Diestel (admin).
Export formats: the trees can be exported as POV-Ray include files (mesh2 or POV-Ray primitives), AutoCAD .dxf files or Wavefront .obj files.
The tree parameters are saved in a (human readable) .xml file.
The package includes 16 different examples of trees (also some grass-like objects).
Quality: Arbaro trees are good background trees, not very detailed, not for close-up views. Mesh files for trees can have sizes of 10 to 20 MB or more - so we need to be patient if we want to load that file in an editor.
Where to get: Arbaro Sourceforge project page.
Arbaro runs with Java version 1.4.2 or newer.
  (For Java see Sun Microsystems. Linux: it seems not to run with GNU Java.)
Installation and Running:
Download the according file (here: arbaro_1_9_8.zip) and unzip it to a directory of your choice.
Windows: Double click on the file 'arbaro.jar' for starting the program GUI.
Linux: command line from the unzipped Arbaro directory: java -jar arbaro_gui.jar
Arbaro start window:
Open a example tree:
Example tree "quaking_aspen.xml"


How to get the tree include file for POV-Ray and a preview rendering:
Setting the path names for rendering:
Create and export tree:
Optional export formats: POV-Ray primitives, AutoCAD .dxf, Wavefront .obj.

Now POV-Ray should pop up and render the preview.
Preview of quaking_aspen

In the according directory there should be the created the following files:
"quaking_aspen.pov" - the POV-Ray scene file for the preview in +w400 +h0600,
    Note: Don't run the POV-Ray scene file "quaking_aspen.pov" with another resolution then 400x600
    (i.e. with a command line: +w400 +h0600 ), because this file does not keep the correct aspect ratio!

"quaking_aspen.png" - the preview image.
"quaking_aspen.inc" - the data for the tree meshes.
    This file declares:
    quaking_aspen_13_height - the height of the tree object (~in ft),
    quaking_aspen_13_stems - the mesh of the stem with branches and twigs,
    quaking_aspen_13_leaves - the mesh of the leaves.
    '13' is the seed value, set in the 'Create and export tree'-window!

    In 'quaking_aspen.inc' all meshes are declared without any textures!
    How to add realistic textures to the tree parts see my page: Textures for Arbaro trees.


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