Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
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What's Where?

Some details on the components of the raytracing program
'POV-Ray for Windows version 3.6.2 / 3.7' on Windows7 or Windows Vista.
For exploring the following details it's useful to see in Windows Explorer all file extentions (also the extentions of 'known file types').
(If you don't see all types of files in your Explorer use 'Extras' -> 'File options' -> 'Hide extensions of known file types' and remove the small hook at the according item there).

The Program Locations

1) Program Files:
Base directory (Win7; Vista):
For POV-Ray 3.6.2:
For POV-Ray 3.7:
  C:\Programs\POV-Ray\v3.7 RC6\
  subdirecory: bin\
      The program: pvengine64.exe (for 64 bit systems) or pvengine32.exe (for 32 bit systems)
      and some additional components like cmedit64.dll, povcmax64.dll (resp. 32 bit) etc.
  subdirecory: help\:         The files of the POV-Ray Windows help system.
  subdirecory: sounds\:   The files for the POV-Ray Editor sounds.
  subdirecory: tiles\           The files for the POV-Ray Editor backgrounds.

POV-Ray tools
Program binary locations for POV-Ray 3.7 (for 3.62 like below!)

Include files, ini files, Insert Menu and sample scenes locations for POV-Ray:
POV-Ray tools
2) Include, Ini, Insert Menu and Sample Scene Files:
User directory (Win7; Vista):
For POV-Ray 3.6.2:
For POV-Ray 3.7:
  subdirecory: include\ :           Include files delivered with POV-Ray. (,, ...)
                       Don't change any original include file!
                       Keep the original include files alive!
                       Otherwise sample files may not work any more!
                       You may add here your own self-made include files, but there are better solutions.
  subdirecory: ini\ :                     Program ini files of POV-Ray. (povray.ini, quickres.ini, ...)
                    'povray.ini': contains the Library_Path for include files,
                          the Output_File_Name (where the image is stored) and others.
                    'quickres.ini': contains the resolutions which can be choosed by
                          the left upper resolution field in the POV-Ray editor.
  subdirecory: Insert Menu\ :   Here we can add out own insert Menu items. It's easy to see how!
  subdirecory: scenes\ :           Sample demo scene files delivered with POV-Ray.
                       Interesting for advanced users! But:
                       Before playing with them:
                       Don't forget to copy them to your own scene file directory,
                       to keep the original sample files alive!

3) Your own Scene Files and Include files:
Our own POV-Ray scene files are working from any directory in the computer.
For our own include files we have to tell POV-Ray in 'povray.ini' in which Library_Path to search for!
It's recommanded to save the own POV-Ray scene files and include files and images in a special directory like 'povray_scenes' and not to mix it up with the original POV-Ray user files.


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