Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
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The POV-Ray master ini file 'povray.ini'

Location: (Win7, Vista)
User directory:
  subdirecory: ini\povray.ini:
This is the main ini file of the POV-Ray program.
Among others the 'povray.ini' contains:
the Library_Path for include files (this tells POVRay where to search for include files),
and the Output_File_Name (where the image is stored).

How to tell POV-Ray, where to store the rendered images:
By default POV-Ray stores the file of the rendered image in the directory of the current scene file.
If we want POV-Ray to save all images in a directory named i.e. 'povray_images',
we have to add to 'povray.ini' the following line:
Don't forget the backslash at the end, otherwise every image will be placed in 'MyFiles' and will be named 'povray_images.bmp' (or: '.png'). This will cause that every rendering of an other new scene will overwrite the image of any previous rendering!

How to tell POV-Ray, where to find our self-made Include Files:
Path to own include files:
It's recommanded to save the own POV-Ray include files in a special directory like 'povray_inc' and not to mix it up with the original POV-Ray include files.
If we want POV-Ray to find our self-made include files in the directory i.e. 'povray_inc',
we have to add to 'povray.ini' the following line:

How to edit 'povray.ini':

POV-Ray tools
Example for 'Output_Path' and 'Library_Path' in the file 'povray.ini':
POV-Ray tools
Note: With POV-Ray 3.6.2 we can specify up to 20 own 'Library_Path'.
With POV-Ray 3.6 beta RC3 this limitation does not exist anymore!
POV-Ray reads 'povray.ini' and 'quickres.ini' only once during program start.
Any change in these files need a shut down and restart of the POV-Ray editor program to take effect!


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