Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
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The output directives for rendered images

Output file types of the rendered images
The default output file type for the rendered images in Windows is
  with POV-Ray 3.7 : portable network graphics, extension: '.png'
  with POV-Ray 3.6.2: Windows bit map format, extension: '.bmp'

Other output file types:
 Format  Extension  Command line
 Ini file command
 long version
 Jpeg format *)  .jpg  +fj  Output_File_Type=J
 Targa, uncompressed Targa-24 format  .tga  +ft  Output_File_Type=T
 png, portable network graphics  .png  +fn  Output_File_Type=N
 ppm, Unix PPM format  .ppm  +fp  Output_File_Type=P
 bmp, Windows bit map format  .bmp  +fb  Output_File_Type=B
 HDRI, OpenEXR, High Dynamic-Range format *)  .exr  +fe  Output_File_Type=E
 HDRI , Radiance high dynamic-range format *)  .hdr  +fh  Output_File_Type=H
*)Note: Output in Jpeg and HDRI format, is now available with POV-Ray 3.7 (not with 3.6.2)!
  For more information about Jpeg compression factors, HDRI images, bits per pixel and alpha transparency data
  see POV-Ray Help (search for 'output')

Example output file type: jpeg '+fj' in the command line (or 'Output_file_type=J' in 'povray.ini'):
POV-Ray jpeg

Output path - How to tell POV-Ray where to store the rendered images:
See here 'povray.ini'.

POV-Ray reads 'povray.ini' and 'quickres.ini' only once while starting.
Any change in these files need a shut down and restart of the POV-Ray program to take effect!

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