Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray Raytracer by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
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Command Line Options

Here some of the short cuts for the command line with interesting possibilities.

Changing the output file type for the rendered images.
POV-Ray jpeg
  More see here: Output directives

Changing the Size of an image.
POV-Ray jpeg
Short cut i.e.: +w400 +h400
Long version (i.e. for ini files) i.e.: width=400 height=400

Partial rendering of image sections.
POV-Ray jpeg
Short cut i.e.: +sc100 +ec300 +sr50 +er200
Long version (i.e. for ini files): Start_Column=100 End_Column=300 Start_Row=50 End_Row=200
This is very useful for rendering only a litte detail in very long rendering. (i.e. repairing the detail by partial rendering and cut and past in a graphic program!)

Continue previous renderings with '+c'.
This command should not be used with POV -Ray 3.7
if you are rendering with multiple threads !

(it's possible that POV-Ray fails in continuing some of the squares which were previously unfinished.) If you are unsure about the number of threads your POV-Ray uses see Menu 'Render' -> 'Thread Count ...' in POV-Ray editor.
POV-Ray jpeg
With this command we can break very long render jobs and continue them by rendering later.
Note: The image size must be the same and the temperary file of the previous rending job with the extension '.pov-state' must still exist in the output path.

For more about the command line short cuts please seach in the original POV-Ray scene help!


© Friedrich A. Lohmüller, 2015