Descriptions and Examples for the POV-Ray raytracer
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A SkyboxViewer for POV-Ray scenes

Basics + Download | Skyboxes with POV-Ray | Skybox Gallery

Skybox Viewer
a freeware program by Gerd Platl.

Download here: (1.963.120 Bytes ~1.9 MB),
      Version 1.01, 20-Jan-2010.
(Content: program SkyboxViewer.exe [669.696 Bytes ~654 kB],
  sample skybox demo files, POV-Ray scene files and readme files. )

What's that? - Basics -
The SkyboxViewer is an OpenGL program for displaying and examining 3d scenarios from a fixed point of view. Therefore 6 images with defined filenames (see below) will be loaded.
With mousepad and key commands we can change the viewing direction in full 360° panorama, right and left, up and down and we can zoom in and out.

To understand what a Skybox is, read my tutorial on
Skyboxes with POV-Ray.
The 6 images for the six faces of a skybox can be made from POV-Ray scenes (as descriped here) or also from Terragen scenes and with many other 3d programs.

An animated Skybox-View
Arrangement of the 6 Skybox images:
  The arrangement of the 6 images:
       _left  _front  _right  _back

The SkyboxViewer naming conventions for the skybox images:
<skyboxname> is a free chooseable name according the naming conventions
<ext> defines the image type (BMP, JPG, PNG or TGA)
        Supported image file formats:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------
        *.bmp   Windows Bitmap
        *.jpg   JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
        *.png   Portable Network Graphics
        *.tga   TARGA File Format (only unkompressed image files are supported)
The 6 skybox images has to be named as follow:
 front side image
 right side image
 back side image
 left side image
 upper side image
 bottom side image
The program seeks for skybox image series only in a subdirectory named "Skyboxes".
Multiple skybox series were found in the alphybetical order.
This implies the following directory structur:

Basics + Download | Skyboxes with POV-Ray | Skybox Gallery


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